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Top Twenty Feeds Download Page – Free Downloads!

What are the top make money bloggers doing to make those multi-thousand dollar incomes? What is John Chow doing? How does Shoemoney earn those ‘big’ royalty checks? Why is Zac Johnson coining it? How does the Dividend Guy get those dividend checks? This download is a simple OPML file that I have collected and edited. It’s only 20… Read More »

Isla Formosa: Five Videos from Taiwan

Life in Taipei really is different. I’ve collected four different videos to illustrate just how life is different in Taiwan. Garbage. Sort it, bag it and drag it! John Chow recently posted this video on how people throw away garbage… Can you guess what that sound is? 7-Eleven: One of the plus points! This video takes you round… Read More »

April Fools: Technorati, Safari, SRG, and Analytics – all borked

t’s Tuesday, and I’m writing this after a rainy and slightly boring weekend in Taipei. Worse, with the continual seesaws of the temperature here, I’m thinking that I’ve got a cold coming on, so I’m going to take some medicine and go off to bed a little early. In Recent Posts In recent posts, Sunday was a little… Read More »

iTWire – Palm Foleo flop or future?

Apparently, Palm has done it again! It’s broken the mold, with a new sub-notebook computer that even John Chow could find useful on his trip to Taipei! It pairs up with your handheld to offer (cough!) convenient and portable computing (cough!)… There’s really not much information about this machine at all, I can’t find much about the actual… Read More »