Isla Formosa: Five Videos from Taiwan

Life in Taipei really is different. I’ve collected four different videos to illustrate just how life is different in Taiwan.

Garbage. Sort it, bag it and drag it!

John Chow recently posted this video on how people throw away garbage… Can you guess what that sound is?

7-Eleven: One of the plus points!

This video takes you round the 7-Elevens that dot the cities and towns of this beautiful island. It’s worth watching to give you an idea of what it’s like. Also, the 7-Eleven is a useful place for paying almost every bill that you can think of: parking tickets, cable TV, mobile phone… and there’s usually an ATM inside to withdraw NT$.

Scooters: If you dare

I’ve already posted one crazy YouTube video. But this is a real scooter ride through the streets of Taipei (I think!).

Nightmarkets: not for the faint of heart!

Visiting the nightmarkets in Taiwan is a must for all visitors to Taiwan. The atmosphere (and heat!) is incredible, and the range of snacks is breathtaking: ice cream, dumplings (several dozen varieties), cakes, drinks, Taiwanese snacks, …

Scenery: A Land of Contrasts

But of course, Taiwan has other beautiful scenery, too.

Enjoy these videos. Thanks to the video authors. Click on the YouTube videos to find their other videos!