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Taiwan banks reluctant to charge ‘account keeping fee’ – The China Post

Most Taiwan banks have no plan to levy a “deposits account keeping fee” from customers who have only a small sum of outstanding deposits in their accounts, although some foreign banks have already taken such a move.Some foreign banks, including Standard Chartered Bank and HSBC (Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking), have started charging a monthly fee from clients… Read More »

Buzz: Inner8 – Can you be one of the Inner 8?

It’s the holy grail of the Internet these days: the social ‘net. Every major industry has joined, and now it’s the turn of the investing fraternity to get the kind of social feature set now found in Facebook, MySpace and much more. Inner8 seeks to provide a similar social service for investors. InvestorBlogger, as one of the earliest… Read More »

Seinfeld Reruns: George Costanza’s Wallet!

On StarWorld TV, we’re being treated to reruns of Seinfeld, a lot of which I have never seen. After publishing pictures of my wallet earlier, I was (not!) surprised to learn that George Costanza also has big wallet syndrome.   photo credit: destinelee If you haven’t seen that episode, you really should. It’s hilarious. (Sorry, there’s no segment… Read More »

Assets vs. Liabilities

A reprise of Rich Dad Poor Dad. There has been much discussion of the authenticity of RDPD’s and the background of the author. You can read about that at other blogs: Rich Dad, Poor Dad, Liar Dad, Thief.  However, one criticism of the book is below along with my own interpretation of RDPD’s theories. Jeff writes – “You… Read More »

Should I go back to work?

What do my readers think? Should I go back to work or keep working on my business? Our school is now not really able to pay me much of a salary, because of the lack of profits in the coming six months. We’re facing a cash shortfall at home as well in the short term, because both of… Read More »

Financial Blogs

I’ve been roaming the internet, and discovered that a lot of people are currently using the Internet to help them cure their financial woes, find encouragement and solace, and help plan their financial lives. It’s a really interesting phenomenon that people who would never even tell their best friend how much they make, are now splurging on the… Read More »

Salary Slaves: Are you one?

Well, to explain: I don’t want to work for money per hour, I think loretta said “wage slave. Right now, I part own my own business, but I’m too busy working at it as a teacher, that I don’t have time to create more opportunities. This is not what I had in mind as a business. Also, I… Read More »