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Would you gamble? Would you start a business?

This follows an interesting discussion we’ve been having on Forumosa about starting businesses. Of course, though, I wouldn’t equate gambling with starting a business. Why? Apart from the odds issue, there are far more factors that you can control when you start a business. If you gamble, esp. in a casino, the odds are absolutely stacked against you:… Read More »

Friday News Bytes: Google, Greenbacks, Salaries, and more

InvestorBlogger’s newsbytes for this week. We’ve been plugging our new download for several days. I have no idea yet how many downloads there are (I should be tracking that I guess… but I didn’t!). Anyway, we’re up with other news. First, some great stories since my last newsbytes on the 17th. February’s Credit Card Statement: NT$26,413 in 31… Read More »

Where did our attitudes to money come from? Part 1

A series of posts that looks at our attitudes to money, debt, and credit in some depth. Part 1 looks at the transformation from subsistence to cash and asks: did our attitudes change as much as our society did?

Should I go back to work?

What do my readers think? Should I go back to work or keep working on my business? Our school is now not really able to pay me much of a salary, because of the lack of profits in the coming six months. We’re facing a cash shortfall at home as well in the short term, because both of… Read More »

Independently wealthy or just a great salary?

Ask Steve – Money and Financial Issues What do I do with the excess cash that the business is throwing off? An answer for you, Steve! I understand your situation, but I am concerned that your perception may not be quite right. Yes you do have a LARGE salary, well-done. You manage your debt wisely, too. YOu have… Read More »