What? No Comments? A ‘Commentary’…

CashQuests and John Chow have been discussing whether to shut off comments on their blogs. Click on the links to see what arguments they make:Kumiko says:


John replies:

It is an interesting debate. I would encourage you all to visit both of these blogs to find out their full points of views. Both make good points.

In general, I’m in favor of comments on most of my posts, but not on my pages. I think that I tend to agree with most of John’s points, though I don’t doubt Kumiko’s points: comments do require additional effort and time managing both the expected comments and the unexpected issues that arise. But having read through a number of blogs and many of the comments: a lot of comments just aren’t worth the bother. Most reiterate main points of the article without adding anything new, or are compliments without furthering the discussion much.

How do you manage your comments? Do you leave a lot of comments or not? Do you like to read other people’s comments?