Needing Goals? Having difficulty following through? Set better goals: step 1 of four

Many people encourage goal setting as a means to enabling wealth and creating targets to measure success by. I am not one of them. I wish I was. But goals expressed in numbers just don’t interest me. I don’t know why.

I have set goals in this blog, but sometimes I seem so far away from achieving them, that I have a tendency to give up right before I could achieve something. So I’m writing this posting to remind myself of my goals.

 Step 1: Remind yourself of where you are

Right now, my blog is attracting about 900 uniques per 30 days. It has an Alexa/Technorati Ranking of about 110K with daily upticks. In ten months, I have successfully created $4,500 in additional income (though some of the sources pre-existed the blog), with approximately 63% generated since September 1st, 2006 from new sources.

The remaining 37% was from bank accounts, stocks and our business (though, in fact, 2 out 3 of these actually registered a significant increase since the same date). You could say that even that second batch benefited from my increased scrutiny. My bank account interest has doubled since I consolidated my accounts, and created additional term deposits. My dividends have increased by 40%, too, as I have sought additional cash by selling underperforming stocks to buy better performers. The only underperformer this year has been our business. How it improves only time will tell.

Step 2: Consider your current goals and timescale

Step 3: Set your new goals and timescale

Step 4: Evaluate your goals and repeat steps 1 ~ 4 as necessary.

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