InvestorBlogger: A Year in Review

By | December 31, 2007

Today is the last day in 2007, and in Taipei, we’re already approaching the end of the year with the usual fireworks at 101! If you haven’t seen them, they’re quite spectacular. I’ve added a video. After the video we’ll look at 2007 in review.

It has been an amazing year on InvestorBlogger… As I start to recap what’s happened in my blog since December 31st, 2006… let’s just see how it has played out.

Blog Audience

On the upside, the profile of the blog is now much higher than it was last year at the same time. In fact, my blog has gone from an Alexa of millions to 113K. On Technorati, it’s moved up to under 50K at the moment. We currently have a readership that’s now a little under 80 or so on our RSS feeds.

Traffic wise, InvestorBlogger has now reached about 1500 Unique Visitors per month on average, with traffic doubling just in the last few months alone. Page views are running at about 3000, too. This has helped with additional traffic from links, advertising and so on.

Blog Content

In addition, we’ve added nearly 800 posts this year alone! That’s incredible. We’ve already published a best of 2007 with posts that generated the most traffic. But there’s a ton of good posts amongst those 220,000 words on the blog! The reorganization of the categories helped me to think much more clearly about the nature of the blog. We currently have 13 categories. Unfortunately, some of the posts are wrongly categorized from the early part of the year. I don’t have a tool to help reorganize them… Any plugins?

Online Income

In early September, I passed the $5,000 mark in total online income. Since then, I’ve been moving in on earning $7,000. Offline income hasn’t been so successful, but the active/passive ratio of the income has been quite surprising, approximately 40% of the income is automatic – I don’t have to do anything! Obviously the paid posting that I have been doing is quite active, but there are a number of other sources of income that need little or no intervention on my part.


Offline: 2006/7 was a difficult year for my business: faced with declining admissions, and rising costs. We set out to tackle both. And we have succeeded. But running a business as we are is certainly not a passive thing.

Online: The blog has moved from regular hosting to a virtual server. I was getting frustrated at the slower response times, then the blog was unavailable for part of August (not good!). Eventually, I took the plunge and opted for faster hosting. For a while, things were fine; but then in November problems returned.

Finally, I took a carving knife and began going through the hosted files to pare down what was not being used. Eventually, I found one plugin that might have been the reason for ALL the problems in the first place. It was duly removed. But the benefit was that a lot of junk, some of it insecure or old was either passworded, moved to inside the root folder or deleted. The result has been a better performing server overall. I’m still experiencing mild spikes in activity, but that may be due to other junk in old user accounts. I’ll be cleaning them out during the year.

The biggest challenge that is still playing out is the recent decision by Google to penalize websites that don’t use nofollow on paid links by removing their PR ranking. In fact, this blog suffered a reverse going from 3 to 0 in a matter of a few days, when predictions were that it would be a 4, and early indications confirmed that 4.


The Carnival of Making Real Money is helping to drive traffic to the blog because it is hosted right here on the blog. The current entry has generated so many submissions that I’m having a problem dealing with them all. Still, we’re looking forward to the next issue.

We’ve run several promotions throughout the year, none of which really has taken hold. But that’s okay. The first was the BlogBuzz that ran in June and in November. I’ve had the opportunity to review a number of websites and provide additional exposure to our traffic.

The Kiva Competition in the summer was a disaster. As was the most recent competition that attracted no entries, nothing! I guess people don’t want $25! I’ll probably hold off on competitions for the foreseeable future.

We’ve also run advertising in three fronts: a review on Michael Kwan’s Blog (which really helped to coalesce my thoughts on design), a text link on CashQuests (which generated about 65 visitors), and a link on John Cow’s Blog (which has brought 90 visitors).

Well, I’m really looking forward to 2008, and whatever happens, it will be an interesting year! I hope you enjoyed these posts in 2007 as much as I have in writing them.