Small Pre-X’mas Competition! Win $25 for X’mas!

By | December 12, 2007

My last post on my trip to California inspired me to post this image that I took in 1998. I’m running my second ever competition… So if you’d like to win a $25 Amazon Gift Certificate… Then look no further!…


As a thank you present to the original advertiser, this is one of my own favorite images taken in California…

Can you spot the scene? I’ll throw in a $25 Amazon certificate if you can correctly identify the scene, post the answer in your blog and link back to InvestorBlogger dot Com! Don’t forget to contact me through the form to let me know of the entry:


Anyone can play and win…! One blog one entry. Competition closes December on Dec. 24th at 11:59pm! Entries chosen randomly.

Happy X’mas!

(edited: I made a mistake in the amount. It should read $25 not $20… It has been corrected.)

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