Welcome to BlueHost dot com

This time I’ve already set everything up and the transfer is working, though some people may still be seeing the old blog on the old site even now. I’m re-adding the plugins and theme features, though with the problems on DreamHost, I’m not sure how much I screwed up trying to get things workings properly…

The first few days have been quite a breeze on BlueHost, but we’ll see the how things go. I’m not easily impressed as I was with net stuff.

Other notes on this website: I lost a few comments from a few readers, especially from MoneyEnergy. Sorry about that… I was desperately trying to get the blog working and had a lot of unwanted spam as a result. I think I lost about a week’s worth of comments or so.

I’m noting how different things are from Dreamhost, too. Some things that are easy in one are difficult in the other or, at least, not obvious.

Other soon-to-be changes include the theme: I’ll be looking for ways to simplify the theme, and make things even snappier. On Dreamhost, InvestorBlogger used to be a little slow at times. I’d like the first page to load in under 10 seconds (for me), and subsequent pages to be even faster. Right now, it’s loading in about 18-20 seconds for the blog page.

Please do drop me notes on what’s not working or missing images and stuff, … I haven’t done a full audit on what I had installed yet… Will do soon.

Best Wishes


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