Upgrading your blog: What did you forget?

When you upgrade your blog, like I did, it’s easy to forget all the changes and tweaks you made along the way. I just realized that I forgot to re-add the code for the Related Posts Plugin, not to mention the MyAvatars code, and quite a few other things!

This is actually a delightfully simple plugin. You install, run the code and paste the important text into the place you wish in your blog.

Its function is simply to offer related posts for readers to find in your blog about the same topic as the current one. So if you look at this post, you’ll see links to five other posts of similar topics that you can also read.

It’s a great plugin, and one that I didn’t realize I missed until my page views went down! However, it’s working again.

BTW, to prevent this kind of thing happening: make a single page or post entry (don’t publish it), and each time you add something to the blog, copy the details into that page so you can refer to it when it comes time to upgrade! Copy your ad codes, your scripts, and php codes there. When you upgrade, it will be easy to find and add all the information.