UnBlockable Popup and CBEnging Membership Sale

As you know, I’ve been pretty interested in affiliate stuff for a while now, though I’ve had no success to speak off promoting ClickBank products yet. But still, this caught my eye!

Lifetime CBengine Membership Sale! 10 Days Only!

Many CBengine members have expressed displeasure about having to be bothered to renew their CBengine memberships. They’re busy; they don’t want to fish out their credit cards, fill out forms, etc. etc. That’s one reason why we moved from quarterly to annual memberships several years ago.

And yet with the annual membership people have still wanted to buy memberships for longer periods of time.

That is why we are now offering a LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP for a LIMITED TIME only. ONE LOW FEE and you will have a non-expiring pro account. For the life of the site – and this site will be around forever, you will never have to renew your account. Your PRO account will be set to non-expire.

We are running this offer for 10 days and that’s it… so, as they say, get it while the gettin’ is good.

* Lifetime Membership – pro edition
* you will never have to renew
* your account will never expire
* one low fee of $97


Matt :)

This certainly seems to be a good deal, as there are many benefits! I’m sorely tempted myself! Sorely.

Great Plugins: UnBlockable Popup

MaxBlogPress has some really neat plugins, some of which you should consider for your blog… This plugin is quite useful, as it presents the mailing list to your readers, and they can choose whether to subscribe or not.

Up until now it has been virtually impossible to add a pop-up to a WordPress Blog. It has always been in the realm of experienced programmers only. Now you can have pop-ups running in seconds on your blog. You do not need any programming experience. We have taken care of all of the hard stuff for you!
Annoyance Factor Eliminated

We know how some people get frustrated with pop-ups. We have eliminated that frustration. You can control the frequency of the pop-up. For example, you can set it to only display one time for each visitor. It is a win-win. You get your message across and your visitor does not get upset from constant pop-up ads.
Create your pop-up in seconds.

Will it work? Well, I’m going to give it a try. Right now, I have only 13 subscribers for this feed. I’ll test it for a month, and then compare the results.