Good Reading: Investors Chronicle, Daily Mail and Diamonds from DeBeers

When I was in the UK visiting friends near London, they subscribed to Investor’s Chronicle, a UK based financial publication. While we were drinking tea one Saturday afternoon, I picked it up and found it to be quite an informative magazine. It has useful calculators, screeners, columns and company reports for the British market.

ic chronicle

After being in the UK, I found that the Daily Mail also has a great financial information website, when I picked up this story about the state of the property market. As a former real estate agent, Anna found the local property market stagnant but potentially a goldmine for those with pockets and patience.


Some of the stats in the story are astounding… including this one: “Average home loses £30,000 as house prices plummet by 15% in just one year.” Seems that the last few years excess are slowly unwinding.

Lastly, there’s one of my favorite online stories about the making of the diamond, and its success as a total marketing ploy from the Atlantic Magazine monthly, published in 1982, but available online.

sell a diamond

Enjoy today’s reading from InvestorBlogger as you ponder what the word ‘wealth’ really means.

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