Tiptail and LunaTail: Double Blog Buzz with a little extra sprinkled on top!

May’s promotion is almost over, and I’m working on the last three! You know, I’m kind of sad! This month’s promotion has been very successful for me, as I had the chance to discover 10 (woops! 11) great blogs! Each blog has unique features and each blog has taught me something different!

Cynthia recently emailed me to ask if she could ask to take part in May’s promotion. So here are jpegs of her two blogs:

The first is Tiptail: a blog which has changed focus to dogs, which is an important part of Cynthia’s life. In fact, the proceeds from this blog go to help Utah Collie Rescue. This quite appeals to me as I come from Scotland where Collies have traditionally been used as they are easy to train and make excellent dogs for herding sheep. In fact, our first pet at home was a collie/labrador cross, we called Patty! I’d love her to use a photogallery plugin to add pictures of her dogs in one gallery. That’d be a great touch!


The second is Luna Tail: This blog took over from Tiptail as Cynthia’s personal blog, and it looks quite different. It uses the theme Palaam from Sadish who always has great themes! I’m using WP-Misty on this blog, but there are many wonderful themes, some of which are free, some of which are not. Cynthia covers a range of topics of personal interest: cooking, health, politics, personal issues, and, of course, dogs! I should forward this blog to my friend, Cindy, who loves dogs! Good idea!


You’ll notice a couple of nice touches that she adds to the top of both blogs: her ‘Graffiti Wall’ that allows visitors to add any comments without necessarily responding to a particular posting. That’s a great touch!

So that’s Cynthia’s Double Blog Buzz. Hope you can visit her blogs! They’re something different!