TheNewsRoom: Videos, Stories and Cash!

With all the video and news related websites, it’s difficult these days to start another start to make an impact, but The News Room is trying! And it’s putting quite an interesting spin on things, by allowing bloggers to earn some revenue from the sharing the advertising income with rates starting at$1 CPM. With thousands of different stories, pictures and videos to include, bloggers will be sure to find great additional content for their websites.

Mash News Website

But there’s more! will also allow you to generate revenue in two ways: advertising, and also when your website’s content is used on someone else’s website. The rates are good at upto $4 CPM, so with a little effort you could find your videos and stories competing directly with the big boys! The full current tarriff is available on their website on the ‘getpaid’ page. In fact, their system employs viral techniques so it’s possible to earn primary and secondary income from your content!

To do all of this: first of all you need to create an account and enter your payment details. Then you can start mashing. Search the website for stories, and when you see something, click on the mash button which looks like this:


You’ll get some code that will look odd, something like this:

But you paste it into your website or blog, much like you paste the code from YouTube. Voila!

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