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Blogging News: Updates on InvestorBlogger Dot Com

My, how things change? Last November, I was railing against Google and telling people to diversity their services… Now I’m finding that things have changed again… A Quick Recap: Switching to WordPress MU I’ve reset some of my categories as sub-blogs (or ‘channels’) on the InvestorBlogger Domain. I found that there were basically three or four types of… Read More »

WordPress MU vs. WordPress Vanilla

It’s been about a week and a half of using WPMU, since I switched full time. And it’s been a real trial but I am slowly bringing the blogs back to full speed. Obviously, blogging is going slowly and each stream will be less frequent than the full blog, at least until I’m more able to handle the… Read More »

Switching to a New Platform: WordPress MU

As some of you have been following the blog, InvestorBlogger is in the throes of becoming a multi-blog. This is a great thing for InvestorBlogger because I’ve always found that the blog had a fuzzy focus on topics: covering a wide range of topics from Taiwan to Making Money to Blogging Issues and much more. I’d been thinking… Read More »