I’ve hinted before… but here goes

I was starting to think of constructive ways I could develop this site a few days ago, when I was going through the archives. A few years ago, when this site started, there was a lot of interest in personal finance blogging. Some of those sites are still around, and doing well; others have fallen by the wayside.

InvestorBlogger was one of those sites… but for various reasons got sidetracked first by ‘making money online’ then by the Google shenanigans. Later, I spent a lot of time developing my coffee site out to a full site. But with the Google mistreatment of many sites, the new methods of socialising, and improving tools, InvestorBlogger kind of took a back seat for a few years.

In future posts, I’ll detail some of what happened during those ‘sparse years’.

The good news is that I’m now reloading InvestorBlogger, with material & tools that I’ve purchased and created along the way… and for those of my faithful readers who’re still here… thank you! I hope that your faith will have been rewarded.

But I’ll be honest, the weight of 1700 posts in this archive makes me feel like there’s a huge weight on my shoulders… some of which resolves around my desire to make a readable, cogent blog for readers. How on earth can I do that? How can readers find useable material on this site, given there are so few tags and search is hobbled somewhat? I have no idea!

But if you stick with me, I’ll try to find ways to present this content in ways that are interesting, topical and perhaps a little technical, too.