EntreCard Promotions: Get Traffic for your website!

Have you joined Entrecard? I did, and then quit for lack of stability. Now I’m trying it again because there a number of innovations: the EC browser helps to manage everything; and EC can now be bought and sold to EntreCard. There’s also a much more active trading community on Entrecard.

I’m now running three EC promotions on this blog. The first is the usual EC widget with a small EC ad.

The second is a widget that is called “Entrecard Slots”. Enter the slots and you might win some EC. I actually won 1000 EC for entering yesterday. I never expected to get it, but it was in my EC account today! Wow!

The third is a little Entrecard Blog Promotion which encourages visitors to visit more of the EC blogs and earn EC.

So do check out EntreCard, sign up and try it out! Don’t forget yesterday’s offer: 100 EC for signing up for my blog! I’ll drop by and drop an EC on your blog.Oh, and if you drop EC on my blog, you’ll be featured in my FriendFeed, too!

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