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Comment spam can be used to attack your PC – Bloggers Beware

I was checking updates in my email this afternoon when I opened the following email. It’s a typical “Please moderate…” request that WordPress generates if you have enabled that function. It’s one that I typically enable. But today I noted that this was a possible attack vector, and a danger for bloggers everywhere… What happened? I decided after… Read More »

Cool Stuff from Computex 2008: Video

After all the hoopla has died down, you can see some great stuff in this video that was featured on ERA News in Taiwan, including (drum roll!) Asus EBOX PC. I’ve been following this company’s products since the launch of their Asus EEE PC 700 in 2007. The breadth and innovation of the company’s products underlines the ambitions… Read More »

In The News: MSI Launches a new UMPC

Asus Eee PC: Competitors abounding Well, it seems MSI has introduced their own equivalent of the ASUS Eee PC 900 series. Pricing looks good, features are decent.. and it is creating a bit of a buzz. But I have to agree with one comment: MSI’s build quality isn’t particularly good, even on the more expensive laptops they make.… Read More »

Notes from Computex 2008: Asus Eee PC 1000

This is the new Asus Eee PC 1000 series.. The new 1000 is a serious contender for mobile pc of the year… it’s light, affordable, big enough for some serious work, and highly desirable. From Wikipedia: It features a new 10 inch screen and an 1.6 GHz Intel Atom CPU. The 1000 model ships with Linux and a… Read More »

Buzz #12: Last.FM – beats Pandora hands down

Last.FM – What can I say? I’ve been blogging about the different music services for quite a while. I’ve already used Last.FM for about two weeks, and I can honestly, it’s everything that Pandora was, and much more. It offers a lot of additional options for users, including profiles, search, favorites, a downloadable application, … and great music.… Read More »