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One Tool That Saves Me EVERYTIME: Google

I’ve been abroad for quite a while, but despite living in a non-English speaking country and learning something of the language, I still prefer to use English on my PCs… it’s just faster to learn and use. So whenever I need something from Google in English, I always set the cookie to the default using the link: http://www.google.com/ncr… Read More »

Toast, Coffee and a Crunchpad for Breakfast, Please

I love to check my email in the morning, surf the newspapers a little, and catch up on the blogs. I usually do this over a cup of coffee and some toast for about the first 30 minutes each day. It’s my ritual. Recently I started using an Acer AspireOne NetBook (as they are now called) to do… Read More »

What’s the fuss with Twitter? Really what is it?

I just don’t get Twitter at all. Everytime I login I see a mass of texts that look like discontiguous verbal twitchings of some feral dogs. What is it with Twitter? Why do you bother at all? See what I mean? Who cares a toss about someone twitting about their great day! Next up. Mashable talks about an… Read More »

Kindle and iTunes

Kindle and iTunes I was browsing for an MP3 player last Sunday, but I couldn’t choose between the low quality offerings in the store, and the DRM enabled higher priced offerings of Sony and Apple. Of course, the bigger question with these ‘tied devices’ is the availability of songs to international markets. Here in Taiwan, iPods are very… Read More »