Radio Sure: Download and plays, for sure

Having just tried out several music services and products, I happened to come across this piece of software, called RadioSure. It’s a simple player that sits between your PC and 12000 online radio stations, including many of my favorites.

RadioSure: A Great New Alternative

It’s easy to install, easy to use, and it plays the stream just as Windows Media Player would, but it seems to use a lot less resources on my PC. Always good.

radio sure

I’ve been trying it out for a couple of days, it includes multi-format playback, buffering and a record feature that records in MP3 format at different (and high quality) bit-rates. I’m not sure where it pulls the station data from, so it’s not immediately obvious how up-to-date it is. It would be nice to see some station list update feature. Otherwise, it’s on my hit list of great music software, now.

There are a couple of other neat design features: click on the graphing window, and it goes silent; right clicking on station produces a table that you can update yourself with feed type, details, etc.; and a copy URL feature on right clicking to make those long URLs much easier to enter.

Do try it out. There’s even a simpler no-install Portable version which is the one I’m using. Perfect for your Eee PC, your USB Stick, or even no hassle install on your regular PC. Sorry, not available for Mac or Linux.

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