A Personal Review: Massachusetts Credit Union Website

An associate of mine offered to review the website: Massachusetts credit union, which you can find at http://www.wcu.com. So it’s over to you, J. and thank you for taking the time to review this site.


Easily Accessible Rates

I absolutely loved how easy it was to find the various rates on this website. I have been shopping around for a new bank account for my girlfriend for a while, and know how buried some of these rates can be. Even though the law says they need to be out there, some sites still push them into the background.

With one click, (on the “for rates” button) I can instantly have access to the various rates the credit union offers on each account. Now, the fact that this credit union has an APY of 1% on their online savings account is intriguing, I’d switch if I didn’t have a better rate at the moment, but that’s neither here nor there.

Think About the User

I like that I can sign in to my home banking account right from the front page, and that it’s on the left of the page, which is where my eyes fall naturally. I’m a little confused as to why I’m required to sign in to all the different services separately. A unified login feature would be amazing, so I can check my account balance and my credit card status all in one go.

Were I using this site for the first time, I might experience some confusion about where exactly to log in. While the website isn’t exactly hideous, I’m not sure why there are so many colors going on. Not only are there eight different shades of green prominently featured, but red, tan, blue, and orange all make appearances. It all adds up to look a little bit on the messy side.

There’s also an overwhelming amount of links on the front page. I get that the goal is to get me to have to use as little of the page as possible, but it’s frustrating enough that it is kind of hard to figure out where I’m supposed to look. I would love to see the site use more of its pages for practical reasons.

Too Much Mumbo Jumbo?

Some of the services available make me nervous as well. What is a jumbo loan? Is it a loan that is bigger than a regular loan? Are the interests rates higher to go along with it? When it comes to my finances, there is a set of terminology that I am used to, and this certainly is not it.

Words like jumbo to me belong as descriptions for elephants in parades. When dealing with my money, I’d prefer the language be kept professional and typical. I’m grateful that the site makes it easy to find that it is a member of the CU Service Centers.

Accessible Banking Offline, too

But as a credit union member, I’m often asked how I can bank when I’m away from home, and the answer is simple. There are hundreds if not thousands of banks that are within a short distance from me no matter where I am, because of the CU Service Center network.

Functional: Needs TLC

Overall, I think the site is ugly but functional. There are a few tweaks that would make it excellent to use, but overall it certainly is not bad. It is easier to find information here than it is on many similar websites.

How does this site compare to your bank or financial services company? Do they get it? Or is their website just an afterthought? Write and share YOUR feedback with me!