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Buzz: NetCars – netting more than just a few fish!

I’d like to welcome one more sponsor to the website, in fact they bought TWO links! This time it’s for NetCars.co.uk who recently purchased two links on the sidebar. As my way of saying ‘Thank You’, I’m providing a little Monday Morning Buzz with your Latte! NetCars Finance provides drivers with financing for their four-wheel affairs, whether it’s… Read More »

BuzzFest #10: Mike’s Money Making Mission

I’m still running my little promo, but this time I ‘volunteered’ a blog for my buzz… Hah! That’s a new twist! I came across this interesting blog called Mike’s Money Making Mission (sort of M to the power of 4 or M&M’s on steroids). Anyway, Mike has had some interesting perspectives that led me to some great new… Read More »

BuzzFest #9: LisaReviews.com

Well, in October I ran a little promotional campaign that was quite successful. In the campaign, Bloggers were asked to: * 1. just write 50 words about InvestorBlogger (this blog) in your blog and * 2. link to one or two specific posts in my blog(you can choose!)! * 3. don’t forget to link to the BlogBuzz page… Read More »

BuzzFEST#8: Hunna’s Happenings

This promotion has been going on since October 1st! I challenged myself to find 30 blogs for 30 days! It looks like this BlogFest is drawing to a close. I haven’t been inundated with offers! Which is surprising really especially after Google’s PR dithering and dunking earlier this week. Many blogs of note have been reduced by one… Read More »

Is Google getting too big for their boots?

Many of the higher profile bloggers have recently had their PR ranking dinged by -1 or -2 points by Google for various reasons: Andy Beard -2 John Chow -2 Problogger -2 And the list goes on and on… I was surprised, but then my own blog has been dinged by -1. Then there are some well known blogs… Read More »

BadCreditOffers.com: How do you fix the situation?

There are multiple ways that credit card consumers can get in trouble with the credit card companies and shred their otherwise perfectly good credit scores: failure to make payments on time, bankruptcy, having too much credit, even identity theft, and so on, all create bad credit for borrowers. Whatever the reason, it’s essential for customers to try to… Read More »

BuzzFEST#7: Mummified Times Five

After taking something of a little break since I ‘re’discovered the future posting function, I’m now back on the blog, and posting the next in my series of 30 Blogbuzzes, “Mummified Times Five “! As a busy mother of five (hence the title of her blog!), I’m surprised Tina finds the time to blog at all, given her… Read More »

LiveHuman.com: installs quickly and manages easily

Selling on websites for many kinds of businesses is much tougher than it first appears. I know this from affiliate marketing. It’s difficult to get new visitors to purchase. One of the biggest reasons is actually that much of such online purchasing happens without human contact taking place, whether it is on eBay or Amazon or any of… Read More »