BlogBuzz #8: My Little Corner

In 2007, I started doing a few BlogBuzzes for people, and in 2008 I am continuing my BlogBuzz. You’ll see it is a great way to advertise your blog around the net, and I get my blog seen on your blog… We all win!

Well, after the disaster of number #7, I’ve decided to regroup and start doing buzzes again. … If you’re still interested, drop me a line in the contact form. Do complete the opp first. The buzzes can be short or long, but at least a minimum of 50 words, please!

My Little Corner is Buzz Number 8 on my list! Welcome to this Buzz and let’s take a look at your blog. I love the great color scheme on this blog, the pastels are quite attractive to my eyes! I tried to visit the blog theme designer you linked in the footer!


I like buzzing new blogs, it’s always exciting to see what new blogs are about. I’m thinking that this blog is going to become a general blog. There aren’t many posts in the archive yet, but the categories are intriguing: beauty, business, money, government, love… I’ve got three good suggestions for you, Diana!

  • Change your permalinks so that they show full titles;
  • Cut down your 20 categories to less than half a dozen soon (it’ll help to find your blog focus!);
  • Merge some of your categories: volunteerism vs. charity, government vs. politics, and so on!

Keep up the blogging, and I look forward to your request for a buzz in 2009! Who knows, you may not even need it! That’s it for Buzz #8. I think I managed to hit more than one blog on that buzz! If you are interested, just read about the buzz and drop me a line!

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