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BlogFest 2007 – Final Call for Entries!

Update: I’m extending my BlogFest 2007 until the end of the year soooo… sign up and enjoy! Maximum number is approximately 30 buzzes … so we have 17 left right now! As a thank you to my blog visitors, from October 6th to November 1st December 31st, 2007! I’ll be doing a series of buzz postings to highlight… Read More »

Small Pre-X’mas Competition! Win $25 for X’mas!

My last post on my trip to California inspired me to post this image that I took in 1998. I’m running my second ever competition… So if you’d like to win a $25 Amazon Gift Certificate… Then look no further!… As a thank you present to the original advertiser, this is one of my own favorite images taken… Read More »

Buzz: Trusted Tours & Attractions in San Francisco- Sign up and win an iPod!

It was January 1998, my wife and I had just moved house to Tienmou in Taipei, and despite everything being a mess, we still decided to take a much delayed (and much needed) honeymoon to Hawaii, San Francisco and Northern California. I do have some of the pictures I took then, but it’s difficult to find them from… Read More »

BuzzFest #11: AFrogToKiss

We’ve been doing buzzes for quite some time, but the pace of buzzes dropped off… I nearly forgot to buzz AFrogToKiss.net (unless I already did!). This time it’s for a websites not about frogs… but a whole lot of things: Blogging, Shopping Deals, A Blog A Day, and of course, Geeky Stuff. Given the size and the popularity… Read More »

Buzz: Christmas Maps and Contest!

The Season of Advent is upon us officially now… Advent usually begins on the first Sunday in December, and is the beginning of the Church Year in the Western churches. I was pleasantly reminded of this by a surprise buzz request from a website called Christmas Maps. So Christmas Maps wants to help people find attractive Christmas Lights… Read More »

Buzz: NetLoans.co.uk

In this latest advertiser buzz, we’re delighted to welcome Netloans.co.uk to our friends. Netloans.co.uk website is intended for the UK and provides loans for a number of different purposes: secured loans, mortgages, homeowner loans, bridging loans, consolidation loans, as well as some types of commercial loans. I quite like the calculators that allow you to work out your… Read More »