Buzz #9 – Blog @ MaguireClan

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When I first started online publishing, I remember slaving for hours over the HTML, trying to get documents that at least looked consistent. It was a nightmare. Then I tried Mambo (as it was then) now Joomla. I was impressed by the power, the flexibility and the sheer variety of mods. But I was also bemused: it just needed too much juice to do the long articles I had. So I was stuck doing HTML pages for a long time.

I liked Joomla/Mambo but couldn’t find a use for it myself, and it took much too long to do anything simple, esp. on a standard webhosting plan – a shared server. I never consided using it for a blog which is what Blog @ MaguireClan has done!

I am surprised at how far TimeShadowRider managed to develop the implementation of Joomla, including a blog, a forum, stores, and quite a few other features… I wonder how long it took to do all that! But I found that there are a number of limitations that bother me: 1. the site seems a little slow and uneven in download speed; 2. the overall theme/design just isn’t the best, some elements don’t show properly, links don’t work properly all the time, and iframes contents don’t usually match the theme; and 3. bullet points are in the wrong positions for some elements and lists.

I’m curious to know also why TSR didn’t install the WordPress Joomla integration (which has been around for a while) which would have solved some of the problems that the blog has. There are also options to install MojoBlog. Personally, with WP getting more and more powerful, lighter than Joomla on its server resources, and well-supported, nearly everything you had on the site could have been done in WordPress. I’m sorry but Joomla just doesn’t make a good choice for blogging at the moment. But kudos for trying! I would recommend switching though, as I think you’ll find WordPress more satisfying in the long run. Just my 2c.

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