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Broken Promises: A Blogger Confesses…

Yes, it’s true. I have let my readers down on a number of occasions over the past few years. You see, I was thinking about all the things I started on this blog, but never quite finished, including several large projects on this blog… I never seemed to finish them at all. 1. Introduction to Blogging. 2. Quick… Read More »

Rant: Just whose blog is it anyway?

I used to post on the GeekySpeaky Forums and there was a real community for a longtime, until the admin decided to purge the forums of all less frequently accessed accounts. That was mine included. It was a foolish action because it killed the community totally. Now the community is a morgue: most discussion is gone, the occasional… Read More »

To Blog or Not To Blog: More is not always better!

For a few months I was toying with the idea of separating my blogs into different ‘channels’. The upside was that this would generate a lot of more targeted reading matter for targeted readers. I noted already that visitor times and pages were much better than before. However, I noted a number of problems that caused me some… Read More »