A myspace for investors – or just plain ol’good?

I recently registered for a Microcap website called with the long appellate The MySpace for the Penny Stock investor! So it’s kind of a mouthful! Registration was a real bliss. At first I thought there was going to be an annoying video ad, but the ad/commentary/registration was wonderfully simple and effective. is a Penny Stock website that is primarily focused on the Micro Cap and Small Cap investor. The forums are small but effective. I love the simple video tutorials, stock profiles, and blog sections. I don’t generally recommend buying over the counter stocks like these because volatility and fluidity are generally issues in penny stocks. In other words you can get seriously burned by lack of information. With any luck, could help to bridge the information gap with accurate reporting, and discussion in its pages. Naturally, all investors should do their own Due Diligence before purchasing any stock found on this or any other information source!

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