a great example?

By | February 1, 2007

I was reading the forums at PPP when I came across this thread. is the interesting blog about a ‘webmaster’ who started several websites and is sharing with his readers the results of his efforts to monetize his websites.

It’s an interesting blog, and well worth recommending in today’s “How I got there!” series. In the most recent post, he analyzes the last month’s efforts and results, so we can appreciate what is working on his website, and what doesn’t.

I’ve only read a few of his posts, but already I’ve learned that searching popular searches, say on Google, can help find new ideas for domain names that can drive traffic to a website. I guess for most people that may be quite an obvious issue, but for me, the lights went on. I did try that with this blog, inadvertently, but it hasn’t resulted in any accidental traffic, so far.

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