Site Build It – Special Deal (2 for 1)!

I’d like to provide a blatant plug for a piece of software that I am very interested in. I just don’t have the money to actually buy it! But Judd’s a great guy, and replied to several of my questions about Site Build It Software. So when he emailed me with this offer, … I wanted to say “Yes!” but I just don’t have $300 bucks right now! Happy Xmas, Judd!

Subject: Site Build It – Two for One Holiday Special (Edited for a correction!)


Judd Burdon here from Site Build It (SBI)!

I recently answered some of your questions regarding Site Build It, and because you are probably contemplating what the best online solution is for your needs and budget, I thought that I would let you know that Site Build It has just launched a Holiday Special.

You get TWO Site Build It complete packages for only $299 compared to the regular $299 per site price. Two complete SBI packages for the price of one. So, you do get a free site with the purchase of one SBI account

Check out the SBI Holiday Special details (

You can try SBI completely risk free at . You can purchase SBI, try it and then decide if it’s for you. If it’s not SBI provides a full money back guarantee over 30 days and pro-rated thereafter. It’s hard to go wrong!

I have used Site Build It! to build four of my own web sites, which all do very well. You can read my case study ( and learn more about my experiences of using SBI to build successful web sites that have allowed me to live a very flexible, independent and fairy tale life! And, I can sure tell you that I am no techy!

You will see that I pass on my SBI knowledge, making sure that all of your questions are answered so that when you start out with Site Build It, you know exactly what your investing and what results you should expect.

I also recommend that you go through the complete video demonstration of how SBI works ( This video amazed me when I first watched it. Taking only 30 minutes of your time, I guarantee that you’ll completely understand what SBI is all about and how it can help you create an online success.

The secrets to success and the reasons for why SBI customer sites are among the most trafficked sites on the net ( ) is revealed. SBI focuses on the one thing that all online businesses need in order to succeed –> Traffic. As you know a web site without traffic is useless.

SBI includes everything you need ( to build, manage and market your own web site effectively – (hosting, domain name, search engine marketing, autoresponders, email accounts, sbi support, courses and e-guides, etc.)

SBI also comes with an unconditional money back guarantee (

If you have any further questions regarding Site Build It please let me know. I am here to provide you with experienced answers. I have built four successful sites with SBI and do my absolute best to pass on my learning. Just reply to this email and I will be glad to help.

Take advantage of the SBI special ( try it and decide for yourself, you’ve got nothing to lose. SBI provides a full money back guarantee over 30 days and pro-rated thereafter. It’s hard to go wrong!

Please let me know when your site is up so I can take a peek and let you know what I think.

Happy Holidays to you and your family!

Judd Burdon
SBI Certified Advisor
Successful SBI User