SanDisk’s New 32-GB Flash Drive – Liberation for the Blogger?

By | March 15, 2007

I recently blogged about virtualization on a USB flash drive. Little did I realize that a portable flash drive of such dimensions as SanDisk’s new Flash Drive Hard Drive replacement would become available so soon and at a price that is almost affordable.

While the dimensions aren’t huge by hard disk standards, running an OS in such a space is certainly very feasible. I’m sitting here thinking of a Damn Small Linux running on a laptop without a CD. Now on that environment, you’ve cut out two large sources of power drain. I wonder how long you could get out of the batteries, then. Not to mention, the weight and physical size of the laptop could be much thinner, I think. Or perhaps an extra battery could replace the CD-Rom/DVD burner!

I know that there are people designing such systems even as we speak, but I think for the most part, they’d have to be homegrown efforts for the time being. Still, it would be awesome, if you could get your hands on such a machine or design one yourself. Could it be the perfect blogger’s tool?!

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