Gotta get me more pictures on this blog!

Regular visitors to this blog will notice that there are more and more pictures. That’s right! In an effort to brighten up the pages, I will be including more graphics and picture elements in the future. That should help to brighten the pages.

In addition, the blog is due for a facelift at some opportune time in the near future, as well as conversion to WP 2.1.12. Unfortunately, the conversion won’t be straightforward as I’ve lots of little bits of code to the mix, and I didn’t keep records of what I added and when. Good examples are javascripts in the header, text links in the top, etc., etc..

So for those of you with the same kind of problems, keep accurate records before you back up of what you changed and why. Then back up your files on the server as well as your database.

Also, you can move the files to another location, and copy the database to a new database, so you have a working copy that you can compare with the new edition to check you transferred everything. Moreover, if there is a disaster, then you can simple redirect to the new location until things are fixed!

Voila! My tips on backing up.