RemotePC: Nothing Remotely Pointless About This Tool!

Having long used Windows 98 in the office, (yeah I know – really uptodate!) we started the upgrade path to Windows XP just last month! We now have three XP systems out of 5! And boy did it make somethings easier! But somethings unfortunately were harder, including not being able to use our Fuji Copier as a network printer. We couldn’t find the drivers, not surprising! We had to choose being going old-fashioned or learning remote PC functions use a VNC type component! That’s when I started to understand how useful remote computing could actually be!

Using a network, I could access my files, my system, my network printers from anywhere with a sufficiently speedy connection! I never managed to figure out how to connect across a firewall, though. The system settings floored me. However, RemotePC – Remote Access offers a great way to access your entire system through the internet, or even just your data through a browser! You won’t need to download any applets either this way!

So, instead of uploading files via FTP or WebDAV, you can access your entire file system remotely. No more forgetting your important files when you can access them easily! Just make sure your system is turned on first!

Some features that might be relevant for you are highlighted below:

  1. You can login to the system usually within 5 seconds,
  2. You don’t need to worry about firewalls,
  3. You don’t need a static IP address – dynamic works fine,
  4. You can move files from Viewer to Host or other way, and
  5. Security is important with 128-bit RC4/SSL during remote access.

Admittedly it is not free, as you are expected to fork out about $5.00 per month, or $50.00 per year. Still if you travel a lot, don’t particularly care to carry CDRoms, USB Keys, or use FTP/WebDAV for security reasons, you will find this money well spent.

This post is Remotely Possible thanks to support from RemotePC.