Great Plugins #5+6: Post Control and Draft Control

Ken Villines 1.0 ‘s website has two great plugins, Draft Control and Post Control, for the management of multiple posts either in draft form or already published. These plugins were favorites of mine simply because they make mass editing much more convenient. I used to use Draft Control version 0.96 but found that it was incompatible with later versions of WP 2.0.x. I thought the author hadn’t updated the plugin, but then recently found that he had updated and added Post Control, too. So two great plugins!

The functionality is added in the Manage button. Once there, you will see the features added in the bar. Also, functionality is similar between the plugins. You can mass-edit a group of posts, publish/unpublish, categorize or delete at will.

There is a useful toggle feature for all posts that can be found at the bottom of each page, allowing you to mass-edit every post on the page. Nice!

The only aspect that puzzled me, and perhaps that is a limitation of the system, is that posts can only be assigned or reassigned to ONE category at a time. So, if you regular post across categories, you may find that the tools screw up your categories by forcing you to choose one category only. This may or may not be a concern for you. I suspect that the limitation may be due to design.

Otherwise I’d reckon this to be an extremely useful tool for those with larger blogs looking for a way to mass edit posts. Or for bloggers who create a mass of drafts as the muse strikes.