Readable Email Subscriptions: How to keep your readers happy!

I really appreciate my readers forwarding issues, questions, and problems that they face when reading my blog.

Recently, Dana from wrote me with an unusual problem, one that I didn’t know initially how to answer.

I really enjoy reading the content of your posts. However, the font in your newsletter is much too small, so I usually end up deleting
without reading your emails. I know that there’s an option in my
browser to increase font size, but its too much of a pain to increase it just for your emails, then switch it back. All my other emails are fine and easy for me to read.


At first, I was skeptical that I could do anything, because I got emails that had the same problem. So I checked. This is a typical posting and how it looked in Dana’s (and your!) mailbox.


It doesn’t show so clearly, but you will notice that the text in the email requires a pair of binoculars just to read the letters. Even the Google Ads show up fairly clearly. Problem? You bet, if your readers can’t read your emails then they will likely be unwilling to sign up or maintain their subscription to your blog! Now that would be a pity.

So I investigated. Lo! and behold! You can actually do a number of tweaks for your emailed daily subscriptions, including font, size, logo, etc.. When you log in, click through to the “Publicize” tab, and you’ll see the “Email Subscriptions” tab on the left.


Then click on Email Branding, and your page will change to this:


You can now tweak your email to your heart’s content. Check the preview when you need to see how the current settings look. You can also add a logo if you wish, though the space is limited to a square of 200 pixels (traditional banners WON’T work).

This tweaking should help to make your blog posts appear much more friendly, recognizable and readable when they appear in your subscribers’ inboxes. Hopefully, the subscribers will actually read them!

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