Plugins: SRG Clean Archives 3.0.1

Recently a blogger friend, Karen from a recent buzz asked me this question:

Do you have a site map on your wordpress blog? I need to find a plugin and get one on my wordpress blogs.


So, I did a little research and rediscovered a plugin called SRG Clean Archives. I couldn’t use it before because I couldn’t figure out how to get it display tidily in Tiga’s theme, because of the left hand column.

Anyone, version 3.0.1 is just out, so I downloaded, and now you can see the Archives of all the postings. I thought that was pretty neat, and so easy to install and get working!


Five simple steps to clean archives

The steps were pretty simple:

  1. upload the plugin as usual
  2. activate
  3. create a new page (yes a page)
  4. click on ‘code’ view to enter the following characters percent-markpercentmarksrg clean archivespercentmarkpercentmark (replace percent-mark with the % marks).
  5. publish the page and you should see it next time you view the main pages

That’s it. No fuss, no mess. Clean and tidy archives! Thanks, Sean.

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