Good Reading from Genius Types – Learn From My Entrepreneurial Mistakes

In one day, I found two great articles, this time this one is called Learn From My Entrepreneurial Mistakes :: Genius Types on “The Power of Leverage”.

Not only did I have nothing to show for my labor, the labor I put into each order was immense. I was acting as the salesman, the designer, the account manager, the delivery guy, and the customer service representative for each order.

Although I looked extremely successful, I was pretty miserable. Once I shipped the T-shirts and collected my check for a few hundred dollars, my income stream was cut off. All of the creative power I had put into that project was now put to rest. If I wanted to make more money, I would have to recreate the process all over again.

I became a slave to that job. Just because I owned the company didn’t mean that I didn’t have a job.

Given that is how I’m feeling right now about my business, I recognized myself in that article instantly. Though I’d share it with you.