PC breakdowns – why drag your PC to the repair store?

By | March 14, 2008

Ever had your PC break down and had to lug the thing to the nearest (or not!) pc repair store? I know I have, many times. It’s surprising that we still have to do this but the range of problems is quite extensive!

Creative Commons Licensephoto credit: S Baker.

Whether you run pcs in your business, or run pcs for your SOHO, it’s always infuriating when these technical glitches happen:

  • hard disk dies;

  • power supplies dies;

  • graphics card fizzles out;

  • motherboard is fried;

  • and so on…

All of these problems cut into your productivity to say the least! It would be nice to have computer service at your home. Just call a technician who comes promptly (ie. within a few hours) and who can diagnose the fault, and repair it or replace it as necessary.

Wonder if someone will come and replace the dying battery in my motherboard?… I forgot to get it replaced last time I had to drag my monster PC to the store, and every day I have to reset the time and date. Very annoying! How much would that be, not including the airfare?

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