Payperpost: can it juice its Performancing even more?

Payperpost recently had a major announcement about its company. Payperpost is involved in blog advertising and has recently had a string of successes, including $3 million investment in its future.

The latest news is that it has picked up the major assets of including the metrics technology, the classified ads system, plus one or two other assets. Ted Murphy, PPP’s CEO, commented that the technology tracking system would “allow us to provide real data about a blogger’s traffic and what’s being clicked on on their blog.” But PPP did not purchase the advertising system that recently tested.

(Woops! I was finished writing this when I hit post. After I came back, nearly 70 words had DISAPPEARED: ed. I don’t quite know why… So I’ll have to rewrite the rest as I remember it)

So what do I think? Well, I think it’s quite exciting that PPP is considering strategic acquisition to bolt on the necessary extensions. The metrics technology would really help bloggers in PPP to take advantage of the stats, as well as the advertisers would get a far better idea of which blogs/posts/bloggers attract more readers. This could be very good for individual bloggers payments.

I wonder why they didn’t buy the ad system. I think that that opportunity could have provided an extra revenue stream for PPP. They would be able to bundle posts with ads in the system across a variety of blogs for the advertisers. Opportunity lost, I think.

I’m intrigued though by the Performancing Exchange. I never joined that, so I had a look. It could be quite a dynamic environment from which to attract new bloggers for PPP, except that the frequency of posting on that exchange was quite minimal. I was looking at postings from way back in October on the first page. Mmm.

So I think Ted kind of got a mixed bag of goodies… Still, time will tell if that is the case.

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