Great Tips #4: Related Posts Plugin

I was recently taking a look at my stats for the blog. I noticed that my visitors were only reading one page or so, I recalled that I had at an earlier point had a better rate, but it had dropped to only about 1.13 pages per visitor. I couldn’t figure out why because I had installed it, and it was activated.

Turns out, I had changed the theme, and forgotten to include the tracking code for this plugin in the theme’s page for Single Posts. Well, once I edited the theme for that, my stats improved a great deal. In fact, Monday’s rating was now over 2.4, so that was an instant improvement. In fact, that improvement is the primary reason I am recommending this plugin. It works, it’s as simple as that. So you can go to the website here and read about it, download it, and install it yourself.

I’m considering installing the code on all posts that occur on the main page as well as the single post pages.

Happy 2007.

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