OIOpublisher plugin: Enabling bloggers to make money

John Chow’s blog recently featured a great link to a wonderful plugin that will help bloggers earn a little more money by allowing advertisers to go direct to the blogger. I haven’t installed it yet, because I’m still working through Payperpost and Sponsored Reviews.

However, with the way things are going with both of these companies (though for different reasons), I may be looking for the exit in both cases. This alternative should be worth researching. Visit John’s Blog to find out more about the plugin.

Simon Emery’s OIOpublisher Direct isn’t the first to offer a WordPress Plugin that allows you to sell your own reviews or text links. I’ve profiled two such plugins already; WordPress BankRoll and WP Text Ads. However, OIOpublisher is far superior to the other plugins and best of all, it’s free. That’s right, the plugin that can make you money doesn’t cost you money.Selling Your Own Reviews & Text Links with OIOpublisher

It’s interesting to note that though he thought highly of the plugin, he himself is unlikely to be using it any time soon!

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