Needing a little inspiration!

I’ve become a fan of Pat Flynn’s podcast at So I thought I’d write him a letter as a way of finding I hope a little inspiration!

Dear Pat,

Been listening to your podcast and reading your website. I’m in a bit of a quandary… let me explain.

I built two popular websites but each in turn was decimated by Google’s rankings over the years. I first built a Blog that was based on WordPress. Though I wasn’t wildly successful, I managed to keep it going… learning WP all the time! But because I was earning some $$$ from blogging by doing paid blogs and advertisements, I got slapped around by Google ages ago. This was before I learned about keywords, etc.

Then I built a new HTML site for coffee, and thanks to Google built up 50K pg views a month, before the current Penguing/Panda shenanigans killed off my site, and took away many good pages and rankings. It earned some good money, hundreds of dollars, too.

Now I’m kind of not sure where to turn or what to invest in next. I’ve become fearful of doing anything online, but I love running websites, writing stuff, and sharing my own (perhaps unsophisticated) insights… The fact that I’m back to writing stuff is helping me alleviate three years of frustration, and opportunities have come in from other areas as well.

But I lack focus, am fearful of Google, wary (and weary) of putting too much precious time into something that doesn’t work. Pat, do you have any suggestions how I can bootstrap myself out of this situation? I’d love to have your insight!

Best Wishes