What’s the point? Just drop the BizXPress Plugin

Brainstorm It is available direct from the site, nor is the documentation, support team, etc. The only thing you don’t get that is included on the wordpress admin menu: a feed to their forum. Just go to their site, and avoid this plugin altogether.

The plugin is unnecessary and useless, unlike the bizXpress tools, which are of good value. However, once your free trial ends, the plugin is without any function whatsoever.

What surprises me though: why there is no ability to login via the WordPress Panel, no API that allows interaction between WordPress & Sitesell directly, and one wonders why (when so many other plugins have some kind of API that pull data etc, directly into wordpress and/or make services available within WordPress… ) BizXpress is unable to do this. Each link you click forces you to open another window, taking you AWAY from your wordpress install.

For BXP to work as SaaS properly, it needs to get over that, and treat wordpress users as an end in themselves, not a means to get more traffic Sitesell’s sites. There are plenty of other plugins that already do this. Provide an API that inputs chosen KW directly into the WordPress SEO plugins, help users with choosing their keyword data, … all those things that Sitesell used to be good at. That’s what would make this a valuable plugin.

As it stands, BXP (as a plugin) is nothing less, nothing more than a collection of links. And whether or not this comment stays here, users will find this out when they try it out. I did.

BTW, Jetpack gets updated and is shown in the WP updates section ANYWAY. That is not a good reason to keep a useless plugin.