Mutual Win: do people really win-win with MutualWin?

MutualWin is an interesting website that allows members to refer a friend and claim ‘free cash’ on many categories of products: from cell phones to gym memberships to apartment rentals – from right across the Web.

Referral deals provide a great financial incentive for blog owners and investorbloggers looking to create a passive income stream.

A good example from the website shows how it works:

Let’s say your cell phone company is offering a $100 bonus if you sign up a friend. It sounds like a great deal – unless all of your friends already have phones. MutualWin lets you post your offer so that other customers can see it. If one of them is interested and signs up for service, both parties split the bonus, even if you and the other person have never met. That means $50 for each of you, simply for clicking a button.

This is an intriguing way to earn money for a number of reasons:

  1. some deals are valued for $100s of dollars;
  2. the reach of the internet can help refer many people; and
  3. there’s quite a range of different types of promotions available.

If you earn money on this system, do leave a comment here! I’d love to hear any successes from this!

This is So NOT sponsored.