Good Reading: The Grand Dame of Dividends.

By | January 24, 2007

Daily Wealth is running an article on here about the probably the most famous female investor in the world

Since January 2000, the IQ Trends portfolio has returned 19.1% per year… that’s including the worst bear market in 20 years. The secret to her incredible track record? It’s all based on dividends.

It’s good to hear that other people are doing well creating streams of incomes for themselves or their clients. I like this quote: “When a company pays out a dividend, it’s saying, “We have cash we don’t need.” A strong dividend payment, therefore, is almost always the mark of a healthy business that generates lots of cash.”

And I like the fact that she emphasizes buying companies’ stocks IF their dividends run above 5%, suggesting that the company is on ‘sale.’ She also likes to purchase companies with inexorably rising dividends. In my book, this is a great tip because, the dividends rise, and your cost basis begins to look even cheaper!

So I researched a list of stocks with dividends above 10%, then got the basic information from Yahoo! Finance:

SymbolLast TradeChangeEPS (ttm)P/EChangeDiv/ShrYield
AFN11:30AM ET11.57Down 0.08Down 0.69%N/AN/ADown 0.080.37N/A
AHM11:30AM ET32.25Down 0.01Down 0.03%4.0238.02Down 0.013.94N/A
BPT11:31AM ET72.12Down 0.52Down 0.72%9.207.84Down 0.528.49N/A
BTE11:28AM ET17.05Down 0.35Down 2.01%1.749.78Down 0.351.43N/A
CRZ11:27AM ET27.49Up 0.16Up 0.59%1.9614.03Up 0.161.26N/A
CVF11:18AM ET24.55Up 0.07Up 0.29%N/AN/AUp 0.072.29N/A
DHT11:29AM ET15.16Down 1.05Down 6.48%-0.20N/ADown 1.051.74N/A
EGLE11:35AM ET17.65Up 0.05Up 0.28%1.2514.13Up 0.052.08N/A
ERF11:31AM ET41.67Down 0.10Down 0.24%4.269.78Down 0.104.07N/A
FORTYJan 2312.32 0.00 0.00%0.07176.00 0.001.43N/A
GMR11:31AM ET35.74Down 0.13Down 0.36%7.095.03Down 0.134.80N/A
GNI10:40AM ET119.00Up 0.65Up 0.55%9.1812.96Up 0.6510.30N/A
PCU11:31AM ET58.00Up 0.21Up 0.36%6.1239.47Up 0.215.125N/A
PHI11:30AM ET54.76Up 0.06Up 0.11%4.4612.28Up 0.061.52N/A
PVX11:30AM ET10.26Down 0.09Down 0.87%1.069.68Down 0.091.27N/A
PWE11:31AM ET29.01Down 0.06Down 0.21%3.608.07Down 0.062.12N/A
SFF11:28AM ET29.85Up 0.26Up 0.88%3.907.65Up 0.264.02N/A
TMA11:31AM ET25.70Up 1.64Up 6.82%2.589.98Up 1.642.72N/A
TNH11:31AM ET36.30Down 1.29Down 3.43%1.0733.78Down 1.291.92N/A
USMO11:35AM ET20.83Up 0.25Up 1.21%1.4414.45Up 0.253.65N/A
VLCCF11:35AM ET24.65Down 0.20Down 0.80%3.078.04Down 0.203.60N/A
AAV11:30AM ET10.86Down 0.44Down 3.89%0.89712.11Down 0.442.342N/A
ACH11:30AM ET23.93Up 0.53Up 2.26%11.802.03Up 0.531.25N/A
AIPJan 2343.75 0.00 0.00%0.41105.68 0.001.00N/A
CNE11:31AM ET12.93Down 0.13Down 1.00%1.3139.85Down 0.132.265N/A
ELRN10:44AM ET12.85Down 0.01Down 0.08%-0.47N/ADown 0.01N/AN/A
FDG11:31AM ET21.48Up 0.04Up 0.19%3.8265.62Up 0.043.623N/A
FRO11:31AM ET32.90Down 0.25Down 0.75%6.894.78Down 0.257.00N/A
GMR11:31AM ET35.74Down 0.13Down 0.36%7.095.03Down 0.134.80N/A
HTE11:31AM ET21.08Down 0.11Down 0.52%-4.15N/ADown 0.113.68N/A
MTR9:31AM ET57.40Down 0.21Down 0.36%6.139.36Down 0.215.24N/A
NAT11:30AM ET34.71Down 0.01Down 0.03%4.2048.26Down 0.015.85N/A
NEW11:31AM ET30.46Up 0.10Up 0.33%6.724.53Up 0.107.30N/A
NFI11:31AM ET21.83Up 0.23Up 1.06%3.246.74Up 0.235.60N/A
PDS11:30AM ET22.70Down 0.28Down 1.22%0.82627.48Down 0.283.322N/A

You should be able to link from the symbol to the information, but you have to check out the history of dividends pages (it doesn’t seem to be working well, but if you enter the data manually, it works), eg. PDS dividends page here.

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