How Monitoring Across Platforms Makes a Difference

Companies that are wholeheartedly dedicated to success understand the importance of cross-platform monitoring. The number of devices available that customers can use to view media is not only growing, but evolving as new technology arises. The days of simply watching TV programs without having opportunities to interact with other fans and the stars of the show are long since over.

One example of this growing trend is when new TV shows that fans have been anticipating for a long time premier. It is easy to measure interest based on visitors to the show’s website, which often features photo and video content. However, social media has also helped change how fans interact with a favorite show. Information from fans’ Facebook pages can help determine what other shows or networks fans watch, making it easier to determine which groups to target advertising towards.

Another way in which social media has changed fan interaction with shows is by allowing fans to ask questions during interviews in real time. Even if fans of a show or movie aren’t able to be part of a live studio audience or call in while a show is airing, they can submit their questions easily.

Interactive experiences related to TV shows and movies are just one small part of the picture. However, this is certainly one of the best examples of how monitoring audiences across platforms makes a difference using Kantar audience measurement software.