Interviewed by Expert Interview with Kenneth Dickson on Investment Basics

Last week published an interview they did with me! If you’re interested in learning about Stock, Being an Entrepreneur, or finding out about the current economic situation, you can keep reading my interview…

“If you’re new to investing, it can be tempting to panic or celebrate over stock market fluctuations or the never-ending pool of so-called experts touting the next greatest opportunity on cable news shows.

But self-taught investor Kenneth Dickson says he’s learned over the years that by the time a business gets a lot of buzz on the news, it’s already too late.

“My first ever purchase of stock was for DELL stock in 1998, and in those days, DELL was quite the hot stock. But by the time I bought it, most of the upward leg had already happened,” he says. ” (To read more, click here)