Monetizing your Blog: Some thoughts by Alex King

In his long series of posts, Alex King has been looking at how to monetize his blog. In this article that I suggest you look at, you will see how he struggles with the idea, but finally accepts that, to continue what he is doing, some degree of monetization is going to help.

He looks at some great ways to monetize and analyzes their success or failure, both monetarily and in terms of his own philosophy. I’ve always respected Alex King’s blog as both highly original and very quality focused. He writes:

When I first launched back in 2002, I didn’t plan to make any money from it or do any advertising on it. …

Much has changed since then, primarily the fact I no longer have a “day job” and this is no longer “stuff I do in my spare time”. Instead, this is “stuff I turn down paying work to do”. I have no expectations of getting fully compensated for the content, software and plugins I make freely available here, but if I can bring in a couple of bucks through ads and donations it helps me justify the time I spend on these projects.

Highly recommended overview of some of the issues related to monetization. Well worth reading, too. Hence, this is my more reading article of the day!