How would you like to win $100!?

Kumiko recently announced a $100 competition to improve her profile on her *BRAND* new website! It’s got a new URL, so the PR is back to zero! Still she figures in the long run, having your own domain is the way to go.


Naturally, I’d like a chance to win $100, too! So here goes Kumiko, I’m wishing you all the best on your new URL, and hope that you can soon put the Adsense fiasco behind you!

Kumiko has some pretty good ideas on how to make money online, except perhaps the choice of that anchor text! I do wish she’d choose something more a propos for her website, as John Chow’s already using that one to great success!

So if you are interested in having the chance to win some nice $$$, why not visit the competition at Make Money Online at Kumiko’s Cash Quest.

Woops! Her website is generating a google error page of 502! Mmm. Will post the link tomorrow when it’s working again!

OK, here’s the link to the competition now!