Missing in Action: The following keys from my keyboard; V, A, C, A, T, I, O, N

(ed. Backed date post to January 29th. Written February 2nd.)

This is more of a personal post: I haven’t posted for the past few days, and I bet some of you are wondering why… Ok. I have to tell the truth: It’s hard but I can do it. I think.

These past four days: I’ve been looking for seven keys from my computer keyboard. They vanished one night while I was sleeping. There was no evidence of a break-in or anything.

I’ve searched high and low for them, but they didn’t show up at home or school. The missing keys are: A A C I N O T V. So I spent the last five days travelling the island of Taiwan in search of them. I mean, really you can’t type much without these keys.

Yu rell * ype muh whu hem. Translated: You really can’t type much without them.

I’ll be bringing you upto date shortly on what happened to these keys, and where they were located, and how I found them. You’ll be glad to know that I’m typing normally in this message, as I found them ALL.