March 2007 Results

Well, everyone in PF blog world is announcing their results and crowing about how they make money on the Internet. I do like John Chow’s graph this month. I however, don’t have a graph yet; in fact, my income categories keep changing. Anyway, after February’s results, $705.39, March looks a lot less exciting.

Cash Stats

Payperpost $150.00
Google $7.28
ReviewME $48.00
Other Blogs $20.00
Adlinks $232.79
Stockbroker $55.99
Hosting $61.54
Bank A/C $12.22

So what happened? Well, the Payperpost total revenue was quite stable for March, even though the number of postings dropped further. Google ads edged up slowly. The big change in March was my ability to sell a posting for Axiar for $50, as well as 3 special links for $75 each for a year. In addition, one of my hosting clients needed an upgrade on his forum software.


My blog attracted 859 visitors with over 1300 page views in the month, representing a good growth of 22% for visitors and 23% for page views. Nice growth. Also, I have noted that Google is generating much more organic traffic than before. Perhaps this is an area I’ll be able to enhance.


My PR ranking has remained stable this month at 4, but Alexa has shot up almost twice a week, standing at a little over 197K. It seems only a few weeks ago that I came in under 500K! Growth has slowed as I work my way up the long tail of Alexa. My Technorati ranking has also increased as I find people to link to my blog and favorite it, too.

Overall, I’m slowly working to my goal of $1500 per month income, but I did reach a seven month average of 29%. That’s not bad at all.